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Amber Clifford GeoL 101 Triple Junction Magnetism Colloquia Dr. John Chadwick, University of North Carolina at Charlotte Dr. John Chadwick traveled to the Solomon Islands, just Northeast of Australia, with a team of geologists and investigated the mid-ocean ridge subduction zones. At this location a complex process of trench to trench to ridge subduction was occurring that is known as triple junction. The subduction was from the South. The team’s research was of importance because they were able to notice trends surrounding these types of triple junctions. For example, as they moved from the South to the North they could see that the South had less basalt and the North
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Unformatted text preview: had more andesites. The South had more mid-ocean ridges and the North had more trenches. The South had more light Earth elements while the North had heavy Earth elements. As I do not completely understand the significance of these discoveries due to my lack of geologic knowledge, I know that they are crucial in finding trends. The most interesting part of his discussion was that he was on the research boat while the volcano Kavachi erupted. His crew was only twenty miles away from the eruption and got to witness everything. The volcano erupted every five to seven minutes with eruptions lasting about two to three minutes and peaking at up to seventy meters high....
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