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Unformatted text preview: American Politics Notes: February 28th, 2008 Presidential Activities (7) 1) Crisis Management: Things that are relatively unforeseen for the moment (Military or Terrorist Action, Natural Disaster, etc.) The United States is willing to help out any nation in need. The President never escapes the drone of crisis. 2) Symbolic Leadership: The President spends a fair amount of time emphasizing positive symbols of the United States (Imagery with red tie, white shirt, blue shirt, and American flag lapel pen). 3) Priority Setting: National to-do list that is frequently changed. What would we like to accomplish in the next four years? Crises shuffle priorities. 4) Coalition Building: The President cannot do anything without support from other sources (Congress). Coalitions change between issues. 5) Recruiting: The President appoints between 5,000 to 15,000 people to office during his term. Those who work in Washington have very little salaries. A shift in political parties creates a massive changeover in those who work in Washington. 6) Implementation: Putting a program into operation. People often think that this is what the President deals with but in reality it is not. 7) Oversight: An attempt to assess the success or failure of a particular program. Who helps the President accomplish all of these things? The Executive Office of the President was created in 1939 when FDR was in office. He had a variety of struggles with Congress and struggles trying to get things done. The EOP has changed dramatically since then. The White House Office has 3 major responsibilities and wise Presidents give them a fourth responsibility: 1) Care, feeding, and scheduling of the President (White House physician and chef). 2) ...
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