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American Politics Notes: February 26 th , 2008 The Presidency The President is the most well-known figure in the world. Some people say that the President is the most powerful figure in the world. This depends on how you define power. There are at least 50 world leaders who have more power than the President (if you define power by “I tell you to jump, you ask how high?”). The President does not have this kind of power. He can do very little by himself. If you conceptualize power by what you can do if you have the cooperation of your government,
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Unformatted text preview: citizens, and military, without question, the President of the United States is the most power figure on the planet. The difficulty is in marshaling all of these forces together. Presidential Powers (MEP) • M: Military Powers • E:Economic Powers • P: Political Powers Political Roles (ACLAN) • A: Administrator • C: Commander in Chief • L: Legislator • A:Appointer • N: Negotiator The Presidency (cont.) • While these acronyms are accurate, they do not explain the weight that comes with the presidency....
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