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American Politics Notes: January 31 st , 2008 The Federalist Papers They were officially letters to the people of New York. James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay were the three writers of the Federalist papers. They tried to explain why they did what they did when they wrote the Constitution. They were addressing the criticisms that the people had of the Constitution. The Constitution was a controversial document and many people did not like it. Federalist No. 47, written by Madison, looked at the structure of government. Madison addresses the concern that the Constitution would lead to an accumulation of powers. They were afraid of the president’s powers to veto a
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Unformatted text preview: bill passed by the legislative branch. Some people perceived this to be a power problem. • “More respectable adversaries” is a slap to his critics. • He frequently mentioned Montesquieu, a famous French philosopher. His critics quoted Montesquieu’s words that the British Constitution was “a mirror of political liberty.” Madison went on to prove that Montesquieu’s statement was being misused. • Next, he read the Constitutions of all 13 states that were much longer than the Constitution of the United States. He listed points from each of these Constitutions. He found that each of the states in their Constitutions stated that each branch should be separate....
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