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DSOC prelim2 summary

DSOC prelim2 summary - 16th Oct 2007 Chap 29 Adler Gender...

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16 th Oct 2007 Chap 29 Adler Question: Social concepts are similar to music in that A. they are relational and evoke feelings about right and wrong(?) -morality because we believe so, we were trained in cars, that is how society trained us so far New form *Music and social consciousness -There is a link listening music->now they feel about that?? Social event Italian Culture Why study gender? We are dimorphic, physical differences, interact with social class Definition of Black: racial behavior (white, Asian (black)) Why male power> female power? *social network-hiring really matters *authority no president in women *pay *occupational segregation *individual behavior based on chivalry and stereotypes (does not change) *responsibility for child rearing- Gender are manifest (what the adults think) of society, especially in Education-School is set up in that way results of the way adult thinks(?) Is biologically determine gender? CEO: 50% of major rank positions are women, live longer, many in population Math Test for both gender biased: Women with less encourage got low grades, Women with strong encourage got higher grade. (Summer’s journal test) Social determination of gender *Child socialization Adler 27 *Political empowerment 19 th amendment to US constitution in 1920.(Institutionalization more women went work) *Big company likely to own by man –property ownership (exception is cosmetic company) For human, society is environment Vocalizing teleosts-biological size determines (sexual) behavior, big singers develop more neuron to make funky sound for courtship response to the environment condition Brain(hormone receptors) Sexual behavior is intrinsic in survival Implication of Teleost Analysis -Neurological training playing guitar increased hand skill stimulate brain and develop -Our gender related behaviors stimulate, construct our brain, vice versa -Gay man has different brain usage than normal man -Social being determines social conscious, being determines society
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Principles of stratification 75%of men/women live together (Molmon people marry early, divorce frequently, re- marriage many times) Marriage-same race, same religion, same ethnicity, same nationality, college educated Social stratification is connected with gender Is gender social class? No, Race is not a social class, neither gender. Social class is related to ownership of control. Jane Austin (Male bring social class, woman brings social class) 1996 England is very socially stratified society, they conscious about each level. Gender/Social class relationship Reality of gender-power differentiation in gender *Why the men have more power than the women? *What way the men have more power than the women?--------2 social categories.
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DSOC prelim2 summary - 16th Oct 2007 Chap 29 Adler Gender...

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