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Midterm Questions - specific cultural biases we’ve...

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French 424 – Midterm Questions Part I - treats individual films – general information and importance of each. Part II - Three of the following five questions will be on the midterm. On the day of the exam, two will be pre-selected for you, and of the remaining three, you will choose one you wish to answer. Your answers for each should be a short paragraph of about 50-75 words. Make sure as you prepare that you support your answers with clearly identified examples. *** 1. Choose two films that exemplify self-conscious montage, editing and technique. Discuss several examples in the two films and then explain their importance in the work as a whole. Imagine the film without these key elements as you examine their role in the narrative. 2. What film that we’ve seen best exemplifies the particularities of French culture, and conversely, what film might appeal the most to an American audience? Why do you think so? Justify with examples from each film and
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Unformatted text preview: specific cultural biases we’ve discussed in class. 3. Discuss the importance and varying conditions of budgets and production costs in the 80’s in France. What were a few of the pressures and difficulties that had not existed to a great extent before? Explain a couple of measures instigated by the French government to help support the French film industry. 4. Discuss the various genres of silent French films and their different audiences. Who was the most well-known and first French movie star, and who was his greatest influence? Did they share any traits or skills? 5. What were the contributions of Jean Cocteau from the late 20’s through the 50’s that we discussed and viewed? What were his primary concerns and how did they evolve? What elements of his films explain their continuing cult appeal both here and in France? Be specific....
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