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AEM121 reading response - AEM 121 Reading assignment 15th...

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AEM 121 Reading assignment 15 th Oct. 2007 Smartups Rob Ryan, a founder and a successful CEO of Ascend Communication, shares his experiences and strategies in “Smartups”, how he became a CEO of such a profitable and fast grown company and helped other start-ups to build their own competent businesses. Lessons in this book are very applicable not only to the businessmen who are already running their own businesses, but also to students who just started their venture capitals in early age. His lesson are teaching core concepts that are needed for people establishing their firms, or who are struggling with existing firms which lack proficiency, competency, or product analysis. Overall, this book covers the basic principles of establishing a firm that is essential in survival in competitive market that many people usually overlook. He pointed out the factors that are usually missed such as consumer feedback, core competency, product creativity, or simplicity of presentation. In first chapter, he defines many wanna-be models to make it able for readers to examine themselves which category they are likely to be. The most desirable wanna-be model, he described, is the “Guts and Brains” wanna-be whose character is likely to be successful in business and who keeps the basic principles that Rob has suggested. In chapter two, he introduces his own “Rob’s quality dog food test” for the product that the company is planning to make and sell. After examining the product whether or not customers would like to buy it by this test, the next stage is to build one’s company’s core competency. He invented a sunflower model which clearly shows what the best ability one’s company can have, and how many branched products have potential to produce in market. Those three steps are the main homework for startups to prepare their next four steps.
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AEM121 reading response - AEM 121 Reading assignment 15th...

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