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TEST%20ONE%20STUDY%20GUIDE - • Production technology(9...

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TEST ONE STUDY TOPICS GUIDE CHAP 1 Hard Rock case study Definition, goals, purpose of Operations Management 10 Critical Decisions Goods Vs Services – compare characteristics Productivity Chap 2 Global view of operations Mission, vision, strategy 3 basic competitive strategies Product life cycle 4 major International Strategies Chap 7 Four major process strategies – compare characteristics Cross over / break even charts Process analysis tools (flow diagrams, service blueprinting, etc
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Unformatted text preview: • Production technology (9 main tools) Chap 8 • Fed Ex case study • Location selection factors • Location evaluation methods • Location decision context – country, region, site Chap 9 • 7 Types of Layouts – characteristics, benefits, requirements of each • Servicescapes • Retail layout strategies • Warehousing strategies / tradeoffs...
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