Chapter 30

Chapter 30 - micropyle pore in the integuments of the ovule...

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BIO 152 Notes Chapter 30: Plant Diversity II Concept 30.1 seed plants – heterospory, ovules, pollen integuments – protect the megasporangium Concept 30.2 *360 mya gymnosperms *160 mya angiosperms Concept 30.3 sepal – green and enclose the flower before it opens stamen – microsporangium filament – base of stamen anther – head of stamen pericarp – thickened wall around a mature ovary
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Unformatted text preview: micropyle pore in the integuments of the ovule double fertilization one sperm fertilizes the egg, the other fuses with the two nuclei in the large central cell of the female gametophyte??? cotyledons two leaves that grow out of the seed endosperm tissue rich in starch/food, comes from the nucleus of the central female cell dividing repeatedly...
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