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Sophmore-Hist 101-paper7 - in just trying to survive, that...

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Joseph Goldstein Professor Langer History 101 November 7, 2007 Auschwitz During the Holocaust many people were discriminated against. Many think that is was only Jews that filled the concentration camps, but instead there were many other who shared the same fate. Blacks, gypsies, and any German opposition to the Nazi party were also sentenced to imprisonment in concentration camps. This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen is a story of how a non-Jewish German is sentenced to a number of concentration camps where he would have been put to death but instead helped in the process of killing Jews in order for him to survive. The concentration camp of Auschwitz became the home for many people during this time for the murdered and murderers alike. Auschwitz became the home for those who were sentenced to stay there. It became there home because it had to be. The prisoners there had been through so much
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Unformatted text preview: in just trying to survive, that they had no choice but to create a community inside the camp. The conditions did in fact improve as Germany began to lose on the front line. People who used to get beaten regularly began to get more food and clothing as time went on. Auschwitz became part of there everyday life as they carried out the tasks such as cleaning where houses and hospitals and playing soccer. People began to love Auschwitz for what it had become from what is used to be. On the hand, Auschwitz became the home and sadly the final destination for many Jews and inmates of the camp. In this sense it became their eternal home as many would spend their last days there before being sent to the gas chambers and crematories. It was a place of extreme sadness for those who died but tat the same time it was a home for those who were lucky enough to have survived....
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Sophmore-Hist 101-paper7 - in just trying to survive, that...

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