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Assignment 4_Theory and U - Chantel Wynter Assignment # 4...

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Chantel Wynter Writing 101 – Mike Stanish Assignment # 4 – Theory and You: Race and Gender What comes to mind when a person thinks of race and gender? Could they even possibly have a relationship with each other? A person who hasn’t really thought of the two together might not think there’s a possibility of a relationship between them or just haven’t considered them together when thinking of what they are. When someone considers what race is and the effect it had/has on society as a whole, and then think of what gender is and how the concept of it affects/affected society as a whole they pretty much have that link that creates a relationship. Think about an issue where a groups’ gender was the main effect as to why they were treated in a certain way and then think about an issue where a groups’ race was the major effecter for the way they were treated, once again they can be seen the same way. All in all think of how gender and race in the past and now at the present time have been together hand in hand at times. Now when you think it over can you really say gender and race don’t have a kind of relationship with each other somehow? Race we all know has a historical background which has had an affect on society even as of today. What is race? One can’t really say, but know what it can be affiliated with or has something that comes up on instant when it is heard or spoken about. When it comes to race the major thing that comes to mind is skin color and culture. This has proven to be the basis of what race is centered around. With race we think of different kinds of people who are defined by how they look, their color skin type or where they come from even if it is incorrect when a person makes an assumption. Race often times helps put people into a certain group depending majorly on their skin color and/or culture i.e. often times how stereotypes and generalizations are made. When one thinks of race you also think of maybe racism, the issue of identity, discrimination,
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and segregation all of which are in a negative aspect. Race I feel is not often used in or even seen in a positive light and can often times bring people down or cast a continuously looming shadow over a certain group of people. The prospect of race has affected the minds of how people think and how they lived their lives in past years and also as of now. Now as for gender the prospect of it can be seen in the same way. Gender is as we know it, the sex of a person or a whole group. We see gender as whether a person is a male or female, woman or man, girl or boy. How can you tell the gender of person? By mostly basing it on the actual appearance i.e. the physical features of a person when they were initially born. Now with a woman the one ultimate thing that defies a female as a woman is the ability of childbirth which can’t be unchanged, it just is. With a man that’s determined at the time of birth when you finally
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Assignment 4_Theory and U - Chantel Wynter Assignment # 4...

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