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Citation Chantel Wynter Delicious Organics Inc., (2004). Insulin. Retrieved October 15, 2007, from Delicious Organic Web site: Controversies/insulin.htm . 13(4), p.775-87. Retrieved October 15, 200, from Cross Ref via EBSCOhost database 4. Phillips, A., (February 14, 2007). Experiences of patients with type 2 diabetes starting insulin therapy. Nursing Standard, 21 (23), p. 35-41, Retrieved October 16, 2007 from EBSCOhost database Revolution Health Group LLC, , (). Diabetes Overview, Retrieved October 16, 2007 from basics/what-is-diabetes/ October 16, 2007 from
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Unformatted text preview: Kunnari A., Ukkola O., Kesäniemi YA., (2005 May). Resistin polymorphisms are associated with cerebrovascular disease in Finnish Type 2 diabetic patients. Diabetic Medicine, 22(5), p. 583-9, Retrieved October 16, 2007 from EBSCO Research Database Bryngelsson S., Asp N., (March 2005). Popular diets, body weight and health: what is scientifically documented?. Scandinavian Journal of Nutrition, 49(1), p. 15-20, Retrieved October 16, 2007, form EBSCO Research Database Crowther P, (Feburary 2005). Food for thought. The Atkins diet. Positive Health, 77(6), p. 34, Retrieved October 16, 2007, from EBSCO research Database The Presidents Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, (2004). Exercise and Weight Control, Retrieved October 16, 2007 from
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