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ENG201 - Asgnt3 PC2

ENG201 - Asgnt3 PC2 - Chantel Wynter ENG 201 Barbara Cole...

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Chantel Wynter ENG 201 – Barbara Cole Assignment #3 Peer Critique – Baron Kuehlewind Dear Baron, Well, your draft that’s supposed to be an essay is not really taking form as being such. In your introduction there was no solid thesis, you didn’t take form to an argument relating to the assignment. I see that you’re trying to explain what the Japanese American Internment was but you don’t really have to go into such great detail. By you referencing to the works and connecting them to your thesis you will give the reader an idea about what the Japanese Internment was. I have a slight idea about what position you’re taking and which assignment you’re working on but it’s still a little confusing because you don’t form it into an argument. Your last sentence “This people were considered a threat to the country so they were sent to Relocation Centers in remote areas of the nation’s center. The United States government did
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