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Eng 201 - Asgnt 5 Miss America

Eng 201 - Asgnt 5 Miss America - Chantel Wynter ENG 201...

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Chantel Wynter ENG 201 – Barbara Cole Assignment # 5 Miss America Pageant: Conforming Instead of Reforming Miss America, the idea of what the typical American woman should be: or is it? For a long time now tThe process of the Miss America Pageant is based on choosing that one woman who represents the quality of what America is about hence the title “Miss America”. has been controversial regarding its purpose for existence. The Miss America Pageant was first created as an event to showcase and exploit woman but has made an effort to reform its structure as years passed. Although these reformations seemed to create little change, the Miss America beauty pageant still faces reinforce controversial issues to this day such as the idea of race, nationalism, individuality, and more. Miss America further instituted the idea of what a typical American woman should be. With this conformity that woman are being subjected to, the idea of individuality comes into question. A competition thought to create opportunity actually portrays more exploitation which seems to overshadow the concept of the opportunity aspect. Even with the Miss America Pageant not symbolizing what it claims, there were some women who changed the ideals of the pageant. These women defied the odds of what was expected of them and created a turnaround of how Miss America should be represented. Before Miss America women have always been seen as inferior to men only useful for sexual desires by men and staying in the household. These generalizations have continued throughout the following years but the creation of the Miss America Pageant seemed to have entertained these ideals. The typical American woman for the past decades have been seen as being not fit for the workplace and didn’t have the strength, courage, smarts and bravery of a
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man, they only resembled beauty and nothing more. Creating a beauty pageant such as Miss
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Eng 201 - Asgnt 5 Miss America - Chantel Wynter ENG 201...

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