Eng 201 - Asgnt 5 Rejuvenation of the Youth

Eng 201 - Asgnt 5 Rejuvenation of the Youth - wanted to see...

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Chantel Wynter ENG 201 – Barbara Cole Assignment # 5: Research Woodstock: Rejuvenation of the Youth Music has come to play a major part in our lives we are trying to voice our concerns politically or socially. One era in particular displayed how music can not only change the way people live their lives but also create a turnaround in society views of a typical American teenager. This era was known as the Counterculture Era where the major event Woodstock Festival used the power of music to get the message across that the young people of the nation
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Unformatted text preview: wanted to see a change. With the unsuspecting amount of support that Woodstock accumulated when it first began this would prove to be the beginning to the change that the young people were fighting for. Having the voice of the young people band together for a political and social cause brought about a major change within the US. The young people were able to prove that they would take a step up to live out the life that they wanted, ultimately changing the level at which society viewed the youth....
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