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Chantel Wynter 707E Goodyear Hall Buffalo, NY 14214 October 1, 2007 Mr. Michael Stanish Writing 101 632 Clemens Hall Mr. Stanish: Well this I feel was a much better essay to write (wasn’t as difficult as the other one). I felt more comfortable writing this essay because I understood what was asked of me and the topic in this sense wasn’t so difficult to understand. With this essay I took the same approach as the last one. Only this time I didn’t have to read the passages more than twice. I created an outline still after I read each passage thoroughly after my second reading. I got an idea as to what my thesis was going to be about. After the outline I was able to start the essay with not much trouble even though it was a little difficult to find the right thesis which still had a problem with it even after I thought it was good. In the revision process I saw that although I was thinking about one thesis being the basis of my essay I ended up writing about something apart from my original thesis. Of course you pointed
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Unformatted text preview: this out to me when you underlined it on my first draft. I didn’t understand what he line meant until I went back through another reread of my essay and saw that this is exactly what I was basing my essay around and not my originally thought about thesis. Automatically I knew this was the problem and I knew I had to gear my introduction and essay more around this thesis and not end up with the same mistake as the last essay in order to make this essay better. This paper as a whole has showed me that although one can fight for the same thing the effectiveness of their message is dependant upon the audience that they direct it to. One person may not be able to reach the same person as another in a different position can. I feel fairly good about this paper but I really am not completely sure because the opposite seems to always occur when I’m certain about something, but now that’s up to you to judge. Sincerely, Chantel Wynter...
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