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Contestants, in turn, have tended to shape themselves to the pageant's reigning ideal. However, when Miss Americas have challenged that ideal  through their own thoughts and actions, they have surprised sponsors, protected their own interests, and, in some cases, even changed the nature of the pageant,  using it as a platform for admirable ideals and causes Still, it is a particular kind of diversity. For recent historians and commentators, the question that is becoming most significant is how "diverse" a 
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Unformatted text preview: contestant can be. Is the pageant truly diverse, or is it peddling an outdated image of America as a homogenized melting pot? Do women of color need to fit the idealized white version of femininity that is the legacy of the pageant? Can more ethnic and racially diverse features be represented at the pageant? And can modern beauty even be reduced to a single, representative face? These questions are likely to be raised by the pageant for years to come....
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