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Eng101-Assignment 2_Cover Letter

Eng101-Assignment 2_Cover Letter - Chantel Wynter 707E...

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Chantel Wynter 707E Goodyear Hall Buffalo, NY 14214 October 1, 2007 Mr. Michael Stanish Writing 101 632 Clemens Hall Mr. Stanish: Well, this has honestly been by far the most difficult paper I feel I had to write ever since I ever started writing analytical papers. This was my first time really writing a paper that I put so much thought process into. I seriously took close to an hour or more thinking through exactly how I wanted to go about writing this essay. Yet and still after that hour I still haven’t had the slightest idea what I wanted to write exactly and how to pull all my thoughts together in a concise order. First I had to read the essay “Changing America” by Joel L. Swerdlow a couple of times to actually figure out what it is exactly that he was trying to say with out actually saying it, but then I figured out that was exactly the problem and that was the beginning to formulating my thesis. I also had to go through the essay continuously to pick out each underlying assumption out of
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