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Assignment 2_The Power of Learning(revised final draft )

Assignment 2_The Power of Learning(revised final draft ) -...

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Chantel Wynter Writing 101 – Mike Stanish Assignment # 2: The Power of Learning Often times we may read something but end up missing the most crucial point until we read further into it. This is exactly what happens when it comes to Swerdlow’s essay “Changing America” where he uses J.E.B Stuart High School in Virginia for the specific reason that it was rich in diversity in order to portray the flux within American high schools. Swerdlow uses interviews from the students and staff, pictures of the students and statistics in order to try and put a point across that immigrants who arrive here have a hardship especially when trying to fit in while keeping their own identity. In actuality he’s subtly conveying the idea that immigrants who come here are poor, illiterate, and parents are not helping the children to succeed due to them being illiterate themselves. His essay on the surface seems to be written in an effort to show how the students in the school epitomize the state of immigrant life in the United States overall. The essay actually turns out to have a collection of unsupported arguments and unspoken assumptions which may appear persuasive to any reader leaving the true meaning to end up being overlooked. In actuality Swerdlow ends up grouping these immigrants into a single group as if they don’t have their own identity the one of which he speaks, the immigrants struggle to keep when they come here. The careful reader will soon discover these subtleties once he/she recognizes that Swerdlow’s essay contains evidence that are not enough to support his point and ends up contradicting himself. Swerdlow states “Immigration patterns worldwide show a flow of people from poor countries to those with stronger economies, especially to industrialized countries, with aging workforces.” (12) It is likely he states this in a way to give readers information as to the reason
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why most people tend to emigrate from their home nation. In fact he’s suggesting that all immigrants move to these countries because they were poor in their country so the only way they could have survived is by going somewhere that’s economically stable. Basically this is not true,
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Assignment 2_The Power of Learning(revised final draft ) -...

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