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Assignment 5_Art (cover letter)

Assignment 5_Art (cover letter) - exactly what I saw in the...

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Chantel Wynter 707E Goodyear Hall Buffalo, NY 14214 November 26, 2007 Mr. Michael Stanish Writing 101 632 Clemens Hall Mr. Stanish: I really enjoyed writing this essay even though I though at first that it was going to be difficult once I realized it was about art. And I also thought what essay can we possibly write using the essays about art but now I know and it turned out well. I liked the fact that we had to analyze a piece of art that we picked out ourselves which I feel made the essay easier for me to do. Although it was difficult to pick out a piece of art because there was o much stuff that I either didn’t understand or was just not interesting until I reached the photograph that I chose which happened to just pull me in and I could actually interpret it. Then from there I wrote on paper
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Unformatted text preview: exactly what I saw in the photo and what it symbolized to me and how I felt about it. From there I was able to chose the passages that I can use to write my essay so I ended up reading extra passages where as I used 2. The revision process I felt was a good one. That is when I realized how bad my introduction turned out so I had to go back and rewrite it. The rest of the essay wasn’t so bad so it wasn’t that difficult to go over. After writing this essay I learned that art itself was or still is seen as an imitation of life and I never really saw it as the such so that was something new to me. Other than that I feel pretty decent about this essay and I shouldn’t have done too bad. Sincerely, Chantel Wynter...
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Assignment 5_Art (cover letter) - exactly what I saw in the...

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