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Chantel Wynter 707E Goodyear Hall Buffalo, NY 14214 November 5, 2007 Mr. Michael Stanish Writing 101 632 Clemens Hall Mr. Stanish: Well to start out this essay wasn’t really what I expected, it was something new. You were right this was the first time writing my own “theory” so to speak. It did prove to be challenging since I didn’t know exactly what I was suppose to write. I did have a difficult time trying to construct a thesis but yet make clear of my “theory” to now I mot quite sure if I did a really great job on even though I do think I have a thesis. Then you sent that email stating exactly what I needed to do which was extremely helpful even though I had an feeling that was what I needed to do but
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Unformatted text preview: just the word theory threw me off a little bit. When I had exactly what I needed then I was able to piece together what I was able to write about basing it on the essays and book excerpts that I read when it pertained to race and gender. This is how I was able to pick the authors and quotes I wanted to use. Well there wasn’t really a revision process but when I kept reading my essay over it didn’t really make sense in certain places so I had to change that. But all in all this essay was not my favorite but it was different and something new with a twist and not to forget challenging which what I look forward to SOMETIMES. Sincerely, Chantel Wynter...
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