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SALUTATORIAN SPEECH CHANTEL WYNTER Hello and I would like to welcome all the students, staff and family members. We are here today because of this special event that all of us have the opportunity to experience. I welcome the students most importantly because this is your moment and the moment we all dreamed of, prayed for, and continuously thought about. I know half of us thought we weren’t going to make it, but guess what, you’re here and you are a graduate of the class of 2007. Each of us knows we have come a long way from being a freshman to becoming a graduating senior. Now that were here, we all look back and think those fours years were long and hard. Whether it was freshman year, sophomore year, junior year or senior year, we all went through obstacles to get here, I don’t want to hear anybody say or tell me it was easy. Whether it was a class or a couple of classes you almost failed or you had to make up, maybe it was a regents that you had to take over and over that you just kept struggling with, or whether it was teachers you couldn’t get along with or agree with for the matter, or maybe it was the students who you just couldn’t stand who seemed to make it worse for you. Then there might have been several classes that were just plain difficult that caused you grief, or the work load just kept increasing and kept weighing you down. What ever it was, all of you know some of these examples I have stated are true because you can relate to few or maybe all and I’m not going to lie I can relate to a few of these myself. Despite whatever it was each of you know you went through a struggle, obstacle, or hardship in order to sit where you are sitting right now because as we all know nothing in life is easy. In the beginning of freshman year there were almost 400 students intended to be part of the graduating class of 2007. Now there are close to 300 of those intended students who actually made it. We are the ones who worked the hardest, some harder than others but the most
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important thing is we all accomplished the same goal: graduating. Yeah, some grades are higher
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