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Response Paper 3 Article 37 - UGC 111 World Civilizations I...

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UGC 111 World Civilizations I Chantel Wynter November 12, 2007 Section T3 John Noble Wilford, “Columbus and the Labyrinth of History”, Wilson Quarterly , Autumn 1991 The tales of Columbus’s voyage leading to his discovery has been altered all throughout history even with historical facts and most importantly due to each person own thoughts based on what they know. The view of Columbus has changed as years pasted on after his death. Some may see him and what he did optimistically or pessimistically. Depending on what a person knows about Columbus and what he did they viewed him according to their own vision. Some may perceive him to be a hero or may say he didn’t really accomplish anything but caused disruption instead. All in all everyone knows for certain he was a know man for his voyages and his discovery of America. Since what Columbus actually accomplished and who he was altered throughout history and most of the time argued about, according to the article “Some of the facts about Columbus– who he was and what he did-are beyond serious dispute.” (Wilford 180) In fact Columbus as Wilford writes was a “mariner of humble and obscure origins was possessed of an idea that became an obsession.” He was just a person that got carried away with the thought of what he really wanted to accomplish and in actuality became obsessed with it. Columbus’s basic idea in the beginning “He proposed to sail across the uncharted ocean to the fabled shores of the Indies, the lands of gold and spices celebrated in the tales of Marco Polo and the goal of an increasingly expansionist Europe in the 15 th century.” (Wilford 180) He actually aspired to go out on a voyage to discover lands that have had yet to be discovered by anyone else and fought to do so until it
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was actually granted to him “After years of pleading his case before the courts of Portugal and Spain” (Wilford 181) Columbus was proven to actually go out and explore other lands based on
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Response Paper 3 Article 37 - UGC 111 World Civilizations I...

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