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Response Paper 2 Article 22 - UGC World Civilizations 1...

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UGC World Civilizations 1 Chantel Wynter October 8, 2007 Section T_3 Kenneth L. Woodward, 2000 Years of Jesus, Newsweek , March 29, 1999 Christianity, believed to have started with the teachings of Jesus brought about a revolutionary change, over the past years, changed and branched into different forms but yet is still deeply rooted into the beliefs of these newer forms of the religion. Christianity as Woodward states is “the hinge on which the door of history swings, the point at which eternity intersects with time…” (Woodward 103) Jesus is the one who opened the door to a new form of religion which set itself apart from the other religions at the time bringing about new followers. Christianity provided new beliefs and opened the door to a new way of life and proved to influence many cultures even into the modern world taking for instance the Western culture as the article specifically points out. The upbringing of Christianity bought about a reformation of which broadened peoples religious views. Christianity brought about this change that made it so apart from the other religions. Jesus expressed different views which gained more followers than the other religions at the time. Woodward stated “Like a supernova, the initial impact of Christianity on the ancient Greco- Roman world produced shock waves that continued to register long after the Roman Empire disappeared.” (103) showed the major impact of how Christianity spread and brought about on incredible changes. A change that occurred was “To a world ruled by fate and the whims of capricious gods, Christianity brought the promise of everlasting life.” (Woodward 104) Christianity gave an opening to the concept of resurrection. “The Christian affirmation radically changed the relationship between the living and the dead as Greeks and Romans understood it”
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Response Paper 2 Article 22 - UGC World Civilizations 1...

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