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On David Hume’s Argument Concerning Causality In An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding , David Hume makes an innovative and compelling argument concerning causality. Hume argues that causality is an illusion and that it doesn’t necessarily exist. He argues that we, as humans, have invented the notion of causality because of our past experiences. Hume’s argument is very strong, and makes sense. Hume is correct in his notion of causality (or lack thereof). Hume is right in stating that causality is a human-invented idea. Because event A tends to precede event B whenever event B occurs, we have inferred that event A is the cause of event B. Hume argues that just because these events precede one another, event A is not necessarily the cause of event B. He argues that if a fully conscious human being was brought into our universe with no prior knowledge of it, that that person would have no knowledge or notion of causality, and would not be able to point to certain events as causes of other events. This is true. To elaborate on Hume’s argument: let us consider the scenario of a fully conscious human being entering our world with no previous knowledge of it. This human being would be able to see and observe objects, but would have no idea exactly what they are. As this being learned of the objects and events of our world, the notion of causality would still be foreign, and would have to be explained. This being could see, for example, a light being turned on, someone playing a guitar or a branch blowing in the wind. This being however, would not naturally infer that the light turned on because the flow of electricity was enabled somewhere
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CausalityEssay1 - On David Hume's Argument Concerning...

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