Christianity and Games

Christianity and Games - Running Attented the sporting...

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Christianity and Games Thecla Perpetua 2 Versions Martydom Death in Ampitheater Theosdosian Code- outlaw gladiator fights and such( unchristian) Social Ideals and games Homer/ Vergil Passage Olympics Sports review character Gladaitrs payment Politics and Game Thecla Perpetua Killing of Christian political statement Use of games by emperor- menerarius Nike revolt- broke out in the hippogrone with the blues and the greens, cll out Justinian, the emperor, an example of merging of sports and politics Women and Games Women’s Olympics Some of the same events
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Unformatted text preview: Running Attented the sporting events Roman world- not a lot of women in sports Sparta-warrior culture- entire city worked out everyday Day @ the games Chariot racing 4 factions official name- ludi circenses run 8 laps usually held over 200,000 people gladiators arena- ampitheater-colleseum- held about 65,000 munerius puts on games lanista- agent for the gladiators, also the trainer alludes- gladiotor training school ludis training area- for warming up-Shelton section on sports- page 337 Dodge article...
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Christianity and Games - Running Attented the sporting...

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