computer assignment 6 - Ethan Leavitt 1. The most...

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Ethan Leavitt 1. The most significant differences between the Acts and the Passion are the narration and how certain events take place in one, while they are only talked about in the other. In The passion there is a dialogue from the trial while in the Acts they just mention that there was a trial. It is also obvious that the Acts is much shorter than the Passion which is partly do to the fact that in the Passion there are a few dreams while in the Acts these dreams are not as significant. Another significant difference is that the Acts is written by a man while the Passion is written through Perpetua’s voice. 2. In the Acts Perpetua displays an attitude that Religion is more important to her than her family and she is very rude to her family. She even stated to her father “Their tears would move me if I were to find myself detached from the sight of God and the company of these saints.” Perpetua attitudes towards children also differs in The Acts and The passion. In the Passion, Perpetua breast feeds and coddles her child. While in the Acts she neglects her baby and wants nothing to do with her. I feel that the author of the Acts
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computer assignment 6 - Ethan Leavitt 1. The most...

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