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Ethan Leavitt 83032820 Professor Schreier Psychology 111 060 Assignment #3 The Trouble With Evan
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Psych 111 Ethan Leavitt Assignment 3 April 2, 2008 Student ID 8303 2820 The Trouble with Evan is a documentary about an eleven-year-old boy in Canada, who misbehaves. Evan comes from a blue-collar family, his parents are divorced and he lives with his mother, stepfather, and little sister, Kimberly, who is hearing impaired. In after effort, to understand why the boy has problems, cameras are installed in Evan’s home, which record the family’s interaction witch each other. As the story is told, it becomes apparent that Evan may not be a bad kid from a normal family, but a normal kid with bad parents. Evan’s mother and stepfather berate him for his behavior, while he sits quietly listening to them. Evan describes himself as “pretty smart and can be could when wants to, but mostly makes bad choices” (The Trouble With Evan, 1994. When saying this he begins to cry. Evan cannot explain why misbehaves, saying he does even realize he misbehaves. Evan exhibits several of Freud’s defense mechanisms. Evan exhibits reaction formation. His stepfather, Mike, mistreatment makes him want to bond with Mike. Even after Mike tells Evan, “I’d like to lock you up in a cage and let everyone look at you like you’re an animal. I’m fucking sick and tired of your games Evan,” (The Trouble With Evan, 1994), Evan still tries to be close with Mike. A few days later he asks
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psych essay3 - Ethan Leavitt 83032820 Professor Schreier...

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