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Research Paper - The Beatles - "Sometimes it is a mere...

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“Sometimes it is a mere skirmish involving a few hundred police, but more often there is a pitched battle, with broken legs, cracked ribs and bloody noses.” 1 Words of which are more likely to be used to describe a rising revolution than anything else, but in this case, the 1963 New York Times article was describing something far greater, far more influential and far more extraordinary; The Beatles. Together and popular for a mere seven years, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr were able to establish themselves as the most successful artists in musical history. Through their enormous popularity, innovative style and musical capabilities; The Beatles’ influence on popular culture and popular music has yet to cease 36 years later. The group’s roots can be traced back to the 1950s when John Lennon and Paul McCartney first met as teenagers during one of Lennon’s performances. Lennon’s college friend George Harrison was recruited to be a guitarist and McCartney’s friend Stu Sutcliffe was recruited to play the bass. The group from Liverpool, England quickly made its way to popularity and hired drummer Pete Best to accompany them on their tour of clubs throughout Hamburg, West Germany. After their tour of Germany, Sutcliff remained in Germany where he died of a brain hemorrhage. A record store owner by the name of Brian Epstein realized the popularity and talent of the young group and took them on as their manager. Epstein quickly exchanged The Beatles’ look from leather clothes for new collarless suits and long thin ties, which many bands have emulated for years to come. Brian Epstein turned out to be the glue that held The Beatles together, without Epstein the group was never able to agree on business or legal issues. In 1962, 1 Lewis, Frederick. “Britons Succumb To ‘Beatlemania’.” ProQuest Historical Newspapers: New York Times 1 December 1963.
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the group finally signed with the record label EMI. With the help of producer George
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Research Paper - The Beatles - "Sometimes it is a mere...

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