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ME3304 Quiz 1 An electrical heater is wrapped around the outer surface of a long cylindrical tube whose inner surface is maintained at a temperature, T i of 5 o C. The tube wall has inner and outer radii of 25 mm and 75 mm respectively, and a thermal conductivity of 10W/mK. The thermal contact resistance between the heater and the outer surface of the tube (per unit length of the tube) is c t R , =0.01 mK/W. The outer surface of the heater is exposed to a fluid with T =-10 o C and a convection coefficient of h=100W/m 2 K. Determine the heater
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Unformatted text preview: power per unit length, q (W/m) of the tube required to maintain the heater at T o =25 o C. A representative section of the pipe with relevant parameters is shown below. Use an energy balance and circuit analysis to solve this problem. Also be sure to list assumptions, draw diagram labeling all important parameters, draw related control volume or volumes, write important laws, carry through analysis with relevant equations symbolically and then plug in numbers. q (W/m) = 2377W/m...
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