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Lesson PlanMonday March 31st 2008

Lesson PlanMonday March 31st 2008 - Lecture Lesson 1...

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Lesson Plan Monday March 31 st 2008 Grade Level: 9 th Subject: World History Topic: The Industrial Revolution Lesson: The Beginnings of the Industrial Revolution Goal: Students will learn how and why the Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain in regards to Cultural, Economic, Social, and Political conditions. Opening Activity: Students will work separately to write and define the key terms for Chapter Nine. Discussion: Instructor will introduce picture on page 282. He will then ask students to describe their reactions to it as per the curriculum.
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Unformatted text preview: Lecture: Lesson 1 Beginnings of the Industrial Revolution Closing Activity: Students will own their own paper, think of a problem either locally or worldwide and then come up with an invention that solves this problem. They will have to indentify the problem, the invention, the materials to build it, how the invention solves the problem, the practicality of solving the problem with the invention, and draw a picture of their invention....
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