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Assignment 2: Summary / Response CWP 102 Dr. Peter Grieco Choose one of the following two essays from the “Readings” section of They Say / I Say : “Hidden Intellectualism” pp 142-48 or “The Empire of Images in Our World of Bodies” pp 149-61 Write an essay (3-4 pp) which includes a summary of the main views of the writer of the essay you choose followed by your detailed response to or criticism of those views. Some essay tips: Begin with an original title and general introduction (remember that intros as usually drafted near the end of the writing process). Keep your summary section and your response sections separate. Don’t go back-and-forth between response and new summary points. Your summary section should come near the beginning (typically 1-3 paragraphs). Your response section should follow (typically 3-6 paragraphs). The summary to response ratio should be around 1:2, meaning your essay should have twice as
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Unformatted text preview: much response as summary. Use “signal verbs” (X says, X argues) and other “signal phrases” (according to X, for X) to help indicate the views of the writer you select and to introduce and frame key quotations (see pp 36-7, 43-4). Ideas that you summarize should be attributed to authors not texts, e.g.: “Jones says . . .” not “The article says . . .” Your responses should typically focus on your own experiences of the problems and ideas presented. Other testimony should be adequately credited to the proper sources. For some examples, see the “sample” (p. 32), as well as the handout “Paying for Childcare” distributed in class and posted at our Angel site. All drafts and revision should be printed and formatted properly. drafts due: Thur. 2-20 revisions due: Tue. 2-26...
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