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Assignment 1: Opposing Views CWP 102 Dr. Peter Grieco Write an essay (3-4 pp) in which you adapt the “they say /I say” template (p 9) to present your view on a contemporary issue of controversy or interest. Select from the list below, or propose a topic that you believe holds fresh interest for your readers. use of wikipedia in student writing social networking ethanol from corn effects of video gaming brainy videos for babies distance learning vs. classroom learning reliability of electronic voting animal testing controlling illegal immigration treating depression compulsory national service future of the space program economic stimulus package
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Unformatted text preview: You will need my approval for any topic not listed above. Do a search of on-line and print periodical sources (newspapers and news magazines) for the topic you have selected. Look for a single article which discusses differing views on this topic, or find two separate articles which take opposing positions. List these materials on the Works Cited page at the end of your essay. Follow the “they say /I say” template (p 9) to help summarize these different positions and to set up the statement and elaboration of your own view of the issue. drafts due: Thur. 2-7 revisions due: Tue. 2-12...
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