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online assign 3 - 3. Discussion - Use the "FOR...

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3. Discussion - Use the "FOR DIFFERENCES IN MANAGEMENT METHODS" vignette (please refer to the supplemental material in this discussion folder) to respond to the following: 1. Why do you suppose some politicians are pushing for trade protection? What are the economic conditions that would call for protectionism? 2. Is there a lesson to be learned from the early 1930s concerning restrictive legislation on world trade? What forces could cause Congress to reverse itself on this issue? 3. What should the role of the U.S. government be with regard to world trade? How much effort should be made to protect American workers from foreign competition? When should such efforts take effect? Discussion #1 1. Mitchell should have taken to time to learn how business in conducted in different areas of the world. Instead of just jumping into sharing his ideas and thoughts he should have slowly introduced them. 2. In my opinion yes because when workers hold stock options it motivates them to help the company do better. If they just get paid in cash they are just simply looking forward to a paycheck and nothing else. 3.
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online assign 3 - 3. Discussion - Use the "FOR...

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