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1. submit 2 or 3 of the most important things you know about business (briefly explain), and 2. submit 2 or 3 things you would like to learn about business (briefly tell why) 3. Go to the Library and check out the paper version of the Wall Street Journal - list the sections (by name) & pick and read an article from the paper. Note the title and author of the article and write a one paragraph summary of it. 4. Peruse your classmates responses. Look at the key terms on page 30. Take one and define it. If your term is unique (there are 63 terms listed) you will receive an extra ( bonus ) point. Those who participate early have a better chance of identifying and listing a unique term. I have a general understanding about GDP+GNP and how they work and measure the power and strength of an economy. I also have a general understanding about how the currency exchange works and how the value of a dollar can change for the better or the worse (inflation) due to the state of the economy. I would like to gain more knowledge on how the stock market itself works, I would like get a better
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