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Personal Relfection

Personal Relfection - to explain to them I also think that...

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Mike Miranda CWP 101 Professor McKinnis October 22, 2007 Personal Reflection As we approach halfway through this semester I have already improved much as a writer. I still have my strengths as a writer, as well as my weaknesses I need to focus on. Throughout the remainder of this semester I believe my writing skills will continue to improve as well. I believe that my strengths as a writer lie within my details. I feel that I am able to produce very vivid details that can almost make the reader feel as if they are in the scene that I am trying to describe. This is a very good strength to have in my opinion because it helps the reader get a better grip on the story and a better understand of what I am trying
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Unformatted text preview: to explain to them. I also think that I have a good ability to tie dialog into my essays and papers. This is also another positive attribute of my writing because it also helps the reader to feel like they are right in the story. These are my two biggest positive attributes in my opinion. Although I have some very good strengths as a writer, I also feel that I have some weaknesses as well. I think my biggest weakness is my wording and grammar. This is a major weakness because sometimes the point that I am trying to prove is not understood correctly. This problem can simply be improved however by more through drafting and editing....
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