Midterm Exam Notes - o Depends on when and which barbarians...

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Midterm Exam Notes Three (Equally Graded) Parts 1. Identifications (4 of 8) 2. Passage from sources (1 of 3) 3. Essay question (1 of 2) Identifications What they are, why they are important Significant events Guide: ctools powerpoints Passage Identify work and author When it was composed and why Essay Question Specific ideas, questions Why is it significant Address question in forceful way Back up arguments with precise evidence Studying Pose questions: what are the big issues? o How did the Mediterranean world change: politically, socially, etc.? o Who are the main movers/shakers? o What role did religion play in Rome? o What was the relation of Christianity to empire? o Etc. Fragmenting of empire by Christianity: arianism and monophysitism Barbarian invasions: destructive of empire or not? o Fragmentation due to different political personalities
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Unformatted text preview: o Depends on when and which barbarians Iconoclastic controversy o Empire still lived (until 1453), but it changed into Byzantine Empire o Monks opposed controversy (political strength) Islamic conquest most shaped eastern empire by taking away the near east and a bunch of rich cities o Justinian attempts to restore Rome from Constantinople with laws, conquering lands 800s: what are the similarities between western Germanic kingdoms, Byzantium, and Islam? o Law, nature of the state, shaping of culture, etc. Why did the pathetic Franks succeed? o Conversion of Clovis used strategically by Clovis and his advisors to add the church to their side How did the bishop of Rome become pope? o Claims political authority on Italian peninsula o Makes connections with Trinitarian Franks...
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Midterm Exam Notes - o Depends on when and which barbarians...

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