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Assignment 4 PAGE 220, Q1 1. What problems and challenges does Google face in this case? What is the source of these problems and challenges? As it is known in the business market that the competition is the number one enemy for big companies. Especially, with those company who has became with a new ideas to the market, they always make sure the ideas they become with always serve their customers in a way they stay in the top with best customer service satisfaction. Here, in this case, we have seen how Google is one of those company who become with new idea, but later on it faced really strong competitor such as Yahoo! and Microsoft. So in order to keep its supremacy in the search engine market, Google has figured out a way to its customers, who are interesting to post their ads on the website throughout different kind of programs such as cost-per-click (CPC), or click-through rates. These programs were really profitable for google, and easy way to advertise for the advertiser because of the keyword-targeted ads that will appear throughout google networks. Unfortunately, google faced problems while they were serving this kind of services, a disadvantage has occurred with the CPC program. The advertisers were
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CIS 301-Assignment 4 - Assignment PAGE , Q1 1. What...

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