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CRS report_East Asia - American interest and influence has...

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American interest and influence has been deeply ingrained in East Asia since especially after the Cold War era and East Asia is a crucial region for the United States politically and economically. East Asia geographically comprise of China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, ASEAN nations, Australia and New Zealand. China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan alone account for about 40% of the United States merchandise trade deficit. Most of these countries have successfully adopted democracy, engaging as major actors in world economy, yet the rogue states with nuclear power still remains causing the America distressed. East Asia includes countries with three of the world’s six largest armed forces: China, North Korea, South Korea, and Russia nearby. Part of the reason why the U.S. engages in controversial situations so often is not only because of their self interest but because during those Asian talks, a lot of developed East Asian countries feel that the U.S. should present whenever Asian nations meet. If not, developed East Asian nations feel that China will dominate the meeting and work at cross purposes to American interests. The main concern for the U.S. is the growing power of China in this region. The U.S. policy is to move toward trading relationship through free trade agreements and preferential trade arrangements. The U.S. engages with these Asian nations through bilateral
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CRS report_East Asia - American interest and influence has...

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