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Part 2 Essay Question

Part 2 Essay Question - Timothy Chandler PART II 11161172...

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Timothy Chandler 11161172 PART II The selected reading for our essay question provided several interesting scenario’s for “Culturally Relevant Teaching”. The quote by Langston Hughes seems to appropriately set the chapter of the book “The Dream-Keepers”. I think that this is an appropriate title for this book. The dream if you will is the desire for equality in life especially in education. I think that the fact we as educators are the “dream-keepers” is that the dream is already in every person, as educators we are to take and nurture that dream in each individual student. While a big deal is placed on physical appearance and race, each student should be took as an individual whose own separate culture is a combination of race, ethnicity, socio-economic factors, religion and other factors. Ann Lewis’s scenario provides a background and a base for the entire chapter. She is an experienced teacher in her mid forties. She also took a non-traditional route into being a teacher. She worked for awhile in the outside world and developed experience before just hopping right into teaching. I like the fact that they made a point of showing the passion in her advocacy for teacher and student rights. This passion seems to easily roll over into her daily teaching. I also connected on a personal level with her. I seen my mother shoveled around three subject areas so that the group the state is testing that year has her instead of a coach for the assessed subject. I saw that this fit into her being shifted into the “troubled” classroom’s so that she could improve each of them. She had developed all these methods in her classroom which engaged the learners in a positive environment. It was good to see an older teacher using these methods in her
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