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Title - Civil War Timeline By - Patrick Gladys Primary Subject - Social Studies Grade Level - 7-12 I. Introduction - Provide students with a list of 15 long-term causes of the Civil War (Bleeding Kansas, Missouri Compromise, Fugitive Slave Act, etc.) After students identify these terms, including year and key players, divide students into discussion groups. II. Student groups must come up with a rank order of importance 1-15 of what they consider to be the most significant to the least significant cause of the war. They must debate and come up with a group rank. (There is no right or wrong answer.) III. After ranking the events 1-15, students are to create an annotated timeline using illustrations, or magazine cutouts to provide visual aids for each event. IV. The timeline should be chronological, with the rank order of importance highlighted or circled next to each one. V. Last step - students present the timeline to the class and must defend their choices of the ranked order
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Unformatted text preview: of importance, as well as answer any questions from their classmates about the events they were given. What I like about this lesson plan: It is more of a middle ground between Lesson Plan 1 and Lesson Plan 2. It provides more detail without being too demanding of a teacher’s time. I also like the numerals as it organizes and gives it a professional look. I also like the subject area and how the activity adds relevance and gives order to the sometimes jumbled mass of the American Civil War. What I do not like about this lesson plan: This lesson plan is more of a guideline or a rubric than an actual plan of the day’s activities. I would like to see more put in to a contingency plan which does not seem to be evident in this plan. Source http://www.lessonplanspage.com/SSCausesOfCivilWarTimeline712.htm...
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