CSE_493_Survey - School? Work? ___________________

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Please answer the following questions as best as you can. Do NOT write your name. 1. What is your favorite subject in school? _________________________________________ 2. What do you like to do after school? ____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 3. How many hours a night do you spend on homework? _____________________________________ 4. Do you think history is a necessary subject matter? Why or why not? ________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 5. What is your favorite time period in history? ____________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 6. If you could meet one person in history who would it be and why? __________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 7. What do you think of when you think of the word history?
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Unformatted text preview: School? Work? ___________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 8. Have you witnessed history? Are you living in it? _______________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 9. Do you know the highest grade your Mother and Father completed? _________________________ 10. Tell me something you know about the oldest person in your family. _________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 11. Do you think that an understanding of history can help shape the future? Why or why not? ______ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 12. Draw a map from your house to your school. (doesnt have to be perfect, this is your view) Use back of paper if necessary....
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CSE_493_Survey - School? Work? ___________________

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