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Case Study 4 - you teach for the one kid that the lesson...

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Timothy Chandler CSE 390 Mid-Term Question 1 Mr. Viera’s questions were helpful in preparing his students to learn the material. He introduced the lesson and had them elaborate which mostly lead to them taking certain pieces of knowledge with no context behind them. His questioning allowed for context and also allowed the students to discuss their ideas about the material with him filling in the areas they had trouble with. I agree that it helped his student absorb the information and develop effective study strategies in the students. The material that we teach in a subject is important but if they are not taught how to learn then whatever material that is threw at them they will struggle with. Question 2 There is no way of knowing if any of the students will use these strategies once they leave your classroom. A teacher can only prepare them the best they can and then it is up to the individual student. A student may hear what you say and forget it as soon as they leave your classroom, but
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Unformatted text preview: you teach for the one kid that the lesson you taught reaches them on a personal level and they are able to better take on the world. If he wants to make sure students use some of these strategies in his class he should integrate them into his everyday curriculum. Question 3 He used paraphrasing, modeling and critical thinking. These are all great examples of best practices. They should be used in the classroom to ensure that the students benefit from these ideas. The strategies he used were good strategies because they ensure that the students will be prepared for higher levels of education. Question 4 Some options I would use resemble the strategies he used in his classroom. I would paraphrase material to bring it down to the level that my class could understand. I would model the material in real world situations to add background to the subject. I would also make sure that students use critical thinking skills everyday in my classroom....
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