Adol and it's effects

Adol and it's effects - The Effects of Puberty on our...

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The Effects of Puberty on our Adolescent Lives What was the toughest part of your life as you were growing up? Most people respond to this question as adolescences being the answer. Why, when thinking back on their adolescences, a majority of people today regard this as a time they would least like to revisit? Are the teenage years in a persons life just that unbearable that no one wants to revisit them or that the other time periods were just that great that they overshadow adolescences? Childhood went by fairly smooth for most. A majority of children didn’t have that many responsibilities. Your days are consumed with low level cognitive learning, playing with friends, and napping. Who wouldn’t want to go back to that? It is also childhood when your self esteem is at its highest. Kids don’t have to worry about how they look and how theirs peers will perceive them, or being made fun of for saying something that is seen as stupid. It is safe to say that, at least for me, childhood is the easiest part of a person’s life. Adulthood, for most is where people start to get into their groove. They have gone through all of the schooling that they had desired, and are into their preferred or not so much career path. Even if your life didn’t quite end up how you expected, it is consistent. You wake up and go to work to make money to pay the bills. At the end of the day your come home to your family of whatever that may be: wife and kids, just a wife, or even just friends. You don’t really have to impress anyone with your “coolness” by going out and buying the latest fashion trend or talking in the latest slang terms. Your boss and or coworkers expect you to come to work everyday and do your part so that their day runs
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smoothly. It is this that makes adulthood consistent and adults can rely on at least this to keep them happy for the upcoming work week. Adolescence, the period in our lives where most people don’t want to go back to. Maybe you were the person that everyone picked on because your mom still dressed you or maybe you were going through puberty and when you spoke your voice cracked. It didn’t really take much for someone to get made fun of, but it happened to all of us and because of it most people dreaded their adolescent days. But what is adolescence actually? Adolescence is broken up onto two periods, early adolescence and late adolescence. Early adolescence goes from around age 11 to about 15 and late adolescence goes from age 15 to adulthood. Reaching adulthood happens at different ages for different people for various reasons, but usually by age 25 everyone has reached adulthood. I’ve studied and researched the effects that puberty and the changes it causes in adolescences. Focusing on the physical changes, the effects that the physical changes play in their lives, the cognitive development, and the sex roles that adolescence learn through our society. Maybe this will give a little incite to why most people say that adolescence was their worst period of time in their lives.
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Adol and it's effects - The Effects of Puberty on our...

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