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Response 1 In the start of the chapter Midmorning , McKibben talks about laying on a rock and seeing a plane fly overhead. When this happens, it makes him think about who he is. Not just himself, but who he his in a bigger picture. Who is he to the plane that is flying overhead, who is he in his home town, in his state, in the United Sates, then who is he as a person on the globe? This made me think about who I was in a bigger picture. When I was a kid, I use to wave a plane that would fly overhead. I don’t know why I thought they could see me, let alone me see them if they did and wave back. There are over 301,139, 947 people in America and 6,602,224,175 people in the world. So who is anyone really in the big scheme of things unless you are a world leader? Growing up as a kid and through high school I use to think I was hot stuff. I
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Unformatted text preview: didn’t realize that everyone was the cool kid at their school until I went to college. Then once I was known there and was one of the “cool kids” there I transferred and I was around a whole other set of “cool kids.” This really made me think about who was I really on a bigger scale, and that’s nobody really. I mean I live my life to the fullest and want to turn out successful, but I have no reason to think that I am somebody and I haven’t accomplished anything yet. Reading the part where McKibben saw the plane flying overhead and thinking about who he was, brought to my attention how highly I think of myself and how insignificant I am on a bigger scale. Everyone is important in their own little circles, but only a very few effect the masses and I want to be one of those few....
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