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SO, UM, WHAT’S YOUR POINT? ABOUT THESIS STATEMENTS Adapted from handout developed by Craig Waddell, Rensselaer U. Writing Center Writing experts theorize that the term thesis was inspired by the myth of the Greek hero, Theseus who found his way through the Cretan Labyrinth by following a thread. In the same way, a thesis can be a thread through a document helping readers find their way through your ideas without getting lost. Imagine a world without maps, Mapquest or friends good with directions. That would be a world without theses. I personally think of a thesis as a “ frame” for ideas maintained throughout the paper. Frame, thread, map, choose your analogy. The point is, help readers process your ideas with a main idea, help them. Remember they’re likely skeptical if not only lazy and tired. Different types of theses Theses can be simple or “classic” thesis (stated explicitly, either in one sentence or in several consecutive sentences), delayed-completion (begun in one sentence and
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