Top Ten Tips - After Paper 2

Top Ten Tips - After Paper 2 - TOP TEN ISH TIPS FOR WRITING...

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Unformatted text preview: TOP TEN ISH TIPS FOR WRITING AFTER PAPER #2, OR BASED ON SOME TRUE STORIES NUMBER ONE: No one likes to walk around a party having not been introduced. Find the most efficient way to introduce your ideas and cast of characters. Pare down wordiness by making every sentence count. Turn sentences into phrases, phrases into words. But, spent some time helping readers SEE your subject. Wordy: John Price was a college student during World War I America who attended Denison University in Ohio. He did so reluctantly during his senior year when he risked not graduating because of excessive absences. (34 words) Less wordy: College senior John Price risked graduating from college altogether when skipping classes at Ohio s Denison University in World War I America. (21 words) NUMBER TWO: Unless you ve done all of Fass s homework, dont pick too big of a fight with her. This is the humanities, not geometry. Its hard to prove things for sure. Point out gaps, perhaps, or extend her point. Also be fair to her data. What does she say, do and how? Paula Fass argues that the average 1920s college student got their real education outside of school socializing, not in the classroom. But shes totally incorrect. The life of 1920s college student John Price suggests that, even if they acted like they didnt, college students still cared about learning. Price, for example, read several books outside of class which proves that 1920s college students did care about learning. Can we tone this down? Words to make points: likely exaggerated suggests possibly good evidence for NUMBER THREE: Do the whole job. Dont be lazy about introducing ideas and connections....
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Top Ten Tips - After Paper 2 - TOP TEN ISH TIPS FOR WRITING...

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