POL 213 test2 - POL 213 Test 2 Feb. 20 Obama wins Wisconsin...

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POL 213 Test 2 Feb. 20 Obama wins Wisconsin Buto wins Castro steps down Feb. 22 Obama and Clinton had a debate and Obama won. Clinton was booed for claiming that Obama plagiarized a speech that he wrote. US Serbian embassy was burned in Belgrade for supporting Kosovo independence. An article arisen in the NY times saying that he had an affair with a lobbyist about 8 years ago. He denies it. A woman named Iseman was said to have become very close to him that it is believed that they had an affair. McCain responded by saying that they were just trying to smear him. Marlins are building a new stadium. Being built near Orange Bowl. It’s about $600 million. Norman Braman filed lawsuit to get the taxpayers to vote on whether or not to go ahead with building the stadium. It is part of a package to build parks, museums, and a tunnel going through the city. A lawsuit stating that all Florida homeowners that had healthy citrus trees that were killed because of citrus cankers are to be reimbursed via checks. Chapter 6 Chad-Camaroon Pipeline Project – Exxon found oil in Chad and built a pipeline. Thought the business would corrupt the countries so Exxon implemented a plan to educate the population about the industry. Worked with non government organizations and distributed the revenue. Worked until civil war broke out and the president decided not to distribute the money any more and it would go to the military. Leadership: CEO has to have a strong sense of social responsibility for it to work. Business model: a plan of how the company makes money. 3 types: 1. Progressive: company is completely socially responsible.
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2. Traditional: social responsibility is tracked on but not part of daily business 3. Most popular: there is no model for social responsibility Responses to Pressure: obey the law with no social responsibility, obey the law and be socially responsibly or voluntarily be socially responsible. Managing social issues: what are the social issues that effect the company? Companies use an issues management department to try to help figure out what these issues are. There are different phases: 1. Predict- some issues are visible and some aren’t 2. Self-Regulation 3. Legislation 4. Compliance 4 ways of determining and issue: 1. Intuitive search- take random data and analyze it. 2. Scenarios- make future predictions of social issues. 3. Probability Impact Matrix- identifies hot zones for problems that may occur inside the companies. More quantitative. 4. Stakeholders- Companies talk with the stakeholders to find out their concerns. They find out what the stakeholders think is important. Alignment of structure, culture and processes: They align their goals with their actions. They reward employees who follow the goals with promotions, raises etc. Create an internal structure of social responsibility. Corporate social reporting: the company lets the public know what they have
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POL 213 test2 - POL 213 Test 2 Feb. 20 Obama wins Wisconsin...

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