POL 213 Test3 - POL 213 Test 3 Mar. 28 Three candidates...

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POL 213 Test 3 Mar. 28 Three candidates gave a speech on the economy and what their plans are for the future. McCain took a conservative approach saying the government should not be involved. Obama said if you elect McCain, your just electing Bush for a third term. Clinton had a 4-point plan. $30 billion is going to be set aside to act as a back up to mortgage companies. Clinton also wants to make money to state and local governments for properties. She is going to convene a panel of economists to create a regulatory council to prevent this in the future. Obama has a similar plan to Clinton; he emphasized the regulatory part more than anything. Aid from the government means more regulation. Talked about assisting homeowners but not as much as Clinton. Zimbabwe is going through a period of hyperinflation. It is up 100,000%. Miami Herald ran an article about property tax sales tax swap that was recommended by a constitutional committee who had an idea to remove property taxes on schools and increase the sales tax. The problem is that schools wont get as much money but the response is that the sales tax will replace it. Chapter 9 2 main ways business gets involved in politics. 1. Lobbying 2. Money through contributions. Public law 108-357: modifying tax law- WTO is a union that regulates trade around the world. It enforces trade treaties. Congress passed a law that made American goods cheaper than European goods. WTO raised the taxes on US goods in Europe to make them more expensive there. WTO also ordered congress to remove the bill that passed. Major criticism of the WTO is how can
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POL 213 Test3 - POL 213 Test 3 Mar. 28 Three candidates...

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