response 2 - school years The start of a new school year is...

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Response 2 In the chapter Late Afternoon , McKibben talked about how we as Americans have changed in the way that we organized ourselves around the calendar. In the 1800’s and the early 1900’s we use to organize around the harvest. The children wouldn’t attend school because they had to help the family on the farm and businesses would have less occupancy because people would be out in the fields. In America today, we still organize our lives around the calendar, except it is the school calendar. The new television shows are introduced at the beginning of the school years, around the beginning of September. This is also the time right before harvest. In the automobile industry, this is when the next year’s line of cars comes out for retail. And, some businesses even start their quarters at this time. September would be the first quarter and go on from there. I know that personally when I think of years, I relate them in school years. When I say “last year,” it means last school year and not 2006. I feel that all students tack time by
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Unformatted text preview: school years. The start of a new school year is a turning point for a student. One could even say that they are more relevant or significant than birthdays. The start of a new school year shows that you are older than a birthday does because you have moved up into something that is visible. A birthday is just and arbitrary number that doesn’t really signify anything really until 16, when your able to drive, 18, when your technically and “adult”, 21, when you are able to legally drink alcoholic beverages, and 60, when you are able to get the senior citizen’s discount at Country Kitchen. As a society, we have put an importance on the school year in that we center almost everything around it. I don’t feel that this is necessary a bad thing in that it show that we value education as a society. If this just translated into out students doing better across the nation in comparison to the rest to the world, then everything would be better....
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response 2 - school years The start of a new school year is...

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